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Our vision

The Language Custodians’ Trust (LCT) aspires towards the protection, preservation and rejuvenation of various languages and cultures by promoting awareness, supporting research, advancement of knowledge and education.


  • To spread awareness about the value and importance of one’s own mother tongue and culture.
  • To create a sustainable environment for survival and rejuvenation of languages and cultures those are on the verge of extinction.
  • To impact languages and cultures in a transformative way by promoting discourse between the speakers of a language and people round the globe by bridging the gap with the help of information technology.
  • To help facilitate speakers of low/no-resource languages with cutting edge technologies and tools to enable them walk hand in hand with the people round the globe.

Ongoing and future projects

Linguistic sketches of various languages0%

Revitalization of languages and cultures of central India0%

Basic and advanced readers for various languages0%

Speech and text corpus for low resource languages0%

Cutting edge tools and technologies for various languages0%

When we loose a language, we loose:

generations old stories
generations old knowledge
voice of thousands of people

Languages to be covered


Hours to be worked


Lives to be changed