Language Custodians | Coronovirus appeal: Help feed the unprivileged
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Coronovirus appeal: Help feed the unprivileged

Coronovirus appeal: Help feed the unprivileged

The quarantine period is also a time of financial crisis for almost 450mn people who survive on daily wages. This emergency fundraising appeal is to fund and support the activities of helping the elderly, vulnerable and underprivileged during this difficult time. Our kind volunteers are already helping hundreds of people within their networks who are going through this crisis.

We are helping people in need with food packets and essential medication. Each food relief packet that we distribute contains rice, pulses, ingredients and vitamins, and can serve a family of four for a week.

If you find a person in need, please report to our volunteers and we’ll try to be in touch ASAP.

Volunteers on-call

  1. Mishra, Prateek : 89605-70998
  2. Shukla, Anurag : 99183-88441


For a prompt revert or for any queries and concerns write to our volunteers:

  1. Dwivedi, Satyam:
  2. Dwivedi, Shivam:


Write us if you want to volunteer for us in other places.

With our limited resources, currently we are serving in these places

  1. Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh)
  2. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)


Feed a person in need and upload the photo with the hashtags #NoMoreHungry and #LangaugeCustodians. For every meal you donate, we will feed an underprivileged.


Click here to donate through Wallets/Credit/Debit card/NetBanking *

You can also donate us through upi at languagecustodians@upi


Just FYI: It costs us ~500INR to help feed a family of four.


We’ll be happy to list your name as one of the kind donators to support our cause. If you want to publish your name in the list, please mention it explicitly in the remark on the Payment Page. Click here to check the list of existing donators.

(*Your donations are not tax exempted)