Language Custodians | International Mother Language Day-18
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International Mother Language Day-18

The International Mother Language Day-18 will be celebrated at IIT(BHU) this year. The theme of this year’s Mother Language Day is Linguistic diversity and multilingualism: keystones of sustainability and peace.

Following speakers are taking part in the event:

Prof. Rajeev Sangal,
Director, IIT(BHU)

Prof. Rajaram Shukla,
Vaidic Darshan, SVDV

Prof. R. B. Mishra,
Retired Prof., Department of Linguistics, BHU

Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh,
Associate Professor, HSS, IIT(BHU)

Dr. Anil Thakur,
AssociateProfessor, HSS, IIT(BHU)

Dr. Anil Singh
Associate Professor, CSE, IIT(BHU)


The topics to be discussed are:

  • NLP: Its relevance and importance in empowering a language
  • Language matters
  • Language and its importance in society
  • Language Planning
  • Language and Cognition
  • Sanskrit and Natural Language Processing


There will be four events this year:

  • Lectures by Experts
  • Quiz Competition
  • Hands-on Workshop on “Digital Linguistics”, and
  • Movie Screening


Please note that:

A- Filling form doesn’t confirm registration, and it will be based entirely on a First-come First-serve basis.

B- For Workshop, a registration fee of 100 INR will be collected at the venue. Personal Laptop and Headphone/Earphone is mandatory for the workshop. Only candidates participating in the workshop will be given participation certificates.

C- Questions in Quiz Competition will be based on the lectures given before the quiz and general linguistic awareness. All members of a team participating in the quiz, need to register.

D- Registrations for Lectures, Quiz and Movie Screening are free.