Language Custodians | Get involved
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Why you should join us?

Language/Culture protection, preservation and rejuvenation is a global concern

Finding a common code to communicate with the whole of the world keeping one’s identity on stake is a day to day challenge for 9/10th population of the world. With your involvement you can help things get better.

Providing scope of opportunities in one’s own language will help them retain their identity, culture and mainly their voice.

An everlasting gift for mankind

Even smallest of your contribution in this regard is an everlasting gift for whole of the mankind as this will not benefit life of a single person but of a whole community.

History will change when you join us!

Come and witness let it happen!!


Leaving once language causes an everlasting suffering.

Millions of people from language minorities struggle everyday from lack of access of resources and technologies in their language which affects their day to day life.

Youth and working members of family especially had to make extra efforts to learn a new language of trade and education which in return brings harm for their language and society only.

Time taken in learning new languages and shifting to them from mother tongue robs entire communities of their fortunate future.

In this age of Information Technology, everybody has a moral right to get the knowledge of world in its own language. With the technological advancement this herculean can be done in a way easier manner.

Having you with us will be our pleasure.